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  • Writer's pictureVikram Veeravalli

The website and the team

The method of learning at the school has evolved into a hybrid form of engagement with the Covid-19 pandemic impacting in-person gathering. Through online sessions, homes becoming studios and with access to more technological resources, there have been new experiments in pedagogy. One of the most commonly used resources during this time has been the online platform of a website. The website offers a potential for ephemeral ideas to co-exist on multiple spaces at once. When carefully curated, these could come together to create an archive of itself beyond the realm of the physical, not limited by the space of a room or a building. Easily accessible across multiple users, the website also provides opportunities to hyperlink works, connecting peers and their ideas together in many dimensions.

It is with these aspects in mind that a team of students at SEA have curated this website to become a growing resource for the school, and potentially the world. Through their own editorials and reflections on the practices and teachings of the school, this website becomes a blog of expanding knowledge. Apart from this, the website also hosts an archive of the websites of the individual students, which they curate for themselves, but can be accessed through the specific pages.

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