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Anchor courses around the philosophies of SEA of an experimental and exploratory nature. These are jointly undertaken by the faculty and students of SEA towards not only developing new knowledge, but also speculating and projecting on architectural ideas and questions for developing new possibilities for life and living.
An invitation to rethink the architectural institution as largely concerned with producing individuals with capacities to build, towards perceiving it as a collaborative of heterogeneous, distinct and autonomous directions and expand existing knowledge and practices in the areas of design and build corollaries across disciplines.
Visits to various human habitations are geared to train students in using their own sensing to understand and analyse the field as a source of knowledge and life; apart from fieldwork and data collection. Field visits at SEA are also used to interrogate the assumption of one’s “normal” and ways in which certain spatialities get conceived within the mind.
Courses to develop capacities and skills of final year undergraduate students to conduct research and advance an architectural thesis, which is understood as Spatial Arguments on the nature of relationships between life and spatiality. It trains to undertake independent architectural exploration process to the point of resolution.


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